Haicheng stiltwalking has had more than 300-year history since the development by folk artists started in the Year of Kangxi-12, Qing Dynasty, based on the Chinese ancient events, such as sacrifice and temple fair etc. It¡¯s the traditional folk art with long history, full of the local features in northeast area in China. None but something with national features belongs to the whole world. Today, Haicheng stiltwalking has shown itself not only all around China but also in the world, which enhances the international cultural exchange and plays an important role in the development of tourism.

The stilt-Walkers in Haicheng Stilt-Walking Art Troupe present the distinguishing art skills to visitors home and abroad by their happy, energetic action, optimistic, bold and generous personality as well as simple and interesting performance. Haicheng Stilt-Walking Art Troupe represented China to attend the 11th Krems International Folk Arts Festival and the 5th Krakow International Folk Arts Festival held in Austria, the 2nd Sava International Folk Arts Festival in Hungary as well as number of folk arts festivals, tourism & culture festivals in China from which got high praise of visitors.

Haicheng stilt walking performed by New Star Stilt-Walking Art Troupe attracting much attention lies in the perfect combination of its content and art form which is the reason why it has become the most popular and frequently-performed arts with large scene in southeast area. During the performance, a team composed of several scores of stilt-walkers who play the roles of the leading stilt-walker, the second stilt-walker, old man and woman, young girl and clown with special dressing and face-painting change their stilt walking steps similar to running and walking. Their dramatic performance and high-difficulty skills with the music made by drum and some other musical instruments gain the audience¡¯s attraction. The stilt-walkers roll and jump repeatedly, the leading stilt-walker and the second stilt-walker wave their whips to walk fast. The old fisherman holds four young girls while blowing his white beard. The old woman plays tobacco bag to make audiences laugh. Meanwhile, the dressed clown is lovely and humorous. Several young girls standing on the shoulders of clowns shake their colorful fans and the clowns skillful move their shoulders. In general, the skills of clown whose legs are bound with two-foot stilts are extremely high so that they can move and make any motion as easily and steadily as they do on the ground. They can fly like a swallow from the 3-story tower composed by their colleagues, jump like a carp when bending over on the ground and continuously turn several somersaults. After watching the performance, a visitor said ¡°there¡¯s nothing can do by man in the world¡±.

Combining the five art forms ¨C song, dance, drama, acrobatics and martial art, Haicheng stilt walking has its own unique features on the basis of obtaining the essences of other arts, establishing its style, designing the specialized stilt-walking dressing and face-painting. Many details of the performance have the high value of taste and deep meaning. Such as ¡°the building cross the street¡± stands for prosperity and passionateness; ¡°dragon shaking tail¡± implies continuousness; ¡°cabbage¡± indicates unite and coherence; ¡°two dragons spitting whisker¡± brings audiences symmetry and harmonious and ¡°round ground ¡± means reunion and happiness. The main performance forms of Haicheng stilt walking are niu, lang and dou, all of which have to cooperate with each other to make good performance. ¡°niu¡± is the basis, which is the presentation of dance on the stilts. The stilt-walkers take the body, head, hands to move by the bend and stretch with flexibility. ¡°Lang¡± refers to standard and mellowness, which is the high evaluation to performers due to their perfect combination of motion and expression. Take the old woman ¨C Granny Wang as an example, only the changeful motions combining variable expressions can vividly figure the character in the performance. ¡°dou¡± means expressing emotion and making audience enjoy beauty. Some motions, such as ¡°quickly exposing his/her face behind something ¡± , ¡°retracting his/her neck¡± etc are the unique skills of performers, which not only shows performer¡¯s talent, but also make audiences not forget the show.

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Haicheng stilt walking is a pure national flower in the art garden.

Haicheng stilt walking is a bright star with local features in the art sky.

We hope to develop our arts and show its unique charm home and abroad.

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